What could design on demand look like?

The pressure is on, deadlines are approaching, staff are on leave, biz dev are on fire and projects are mounting up, you are sleeping like crap, ideas and solutions come to you in the night, but you don't have enough talent on hand to execute...

Hello, I am Mike

A former agency Creative Director turned independent designer. I am available for contracts, consulting and project work. My expertise lies in:

UX Design & Prototyping
Product Design, Ownership & Training
Design Systems
Internal Systems Design based off the best of Lean & Agile
Brand & Identity Systems

by Peter Tarka
by Hsiao-Ron Cheng
by Ryan Hawthorne
by Mercedes deBellard

I am in good company

I am lucky enough to work with some very talented people. If needed, we can pull on my crew of talented freelancers to augment your production and help you deliver when the heat is on.

Recent Work

So, who is this Mike?

👋  I’m an award-winning designer, born and raised in South Africa. I have worked in London, Vancouver & Cape Town with teams in New York, Paris & Los Angeles. A creator of brands, I have fooled around in Advertising, across all forms of Print, but my true love is Product Design. I founded an Agency called Skyrocket and have had the privilege of working with companies such as The BBC, Mercedes Benz, Viacom, Ogilvy, Invoke & DStv.